Progresso Breadcrumbs -Italian

SKU: PROGR-72110-12
Breadcrumbs ((enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, ferrous sulphate, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, water, salt, and contains less than 2% of : yeast, honey, molasses, sugar, wheat gluten, whey, soy flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, corn flour, oat bran, corn meal, rice flour, potato flour, butter, dough conditioners (mono- and diglycerides, sodium/calcium stearoyl, lactylate, soy lecithin, calcium carbonate), yeast nutrients, vinegar,, non-fat milk, buttermilk, lactic acid, preservatives : E282 E202., sesame seeds). oat flour, salt, parsley, spices, onion powder, garlic, natural flavouring, egg, sunflower seeds.
WARNING : Contains wheat, soy, milk, sesame, egg, and sunflower.